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Nua was born out of a love in working with the body. As a theatre maker, I have been involved in performing, creating and directing highly physical work. With that comes the knowledge and skill of the working body. And with that comes a healing process, as everyday you have to streach, recover and prepare for the next show. Massage has always been a part of my life - and now it is an extention of it. And one I absolutly love sharing with people. 

My love and respect for the style of massage I use is massive, which is why I spent a long time thinking about and searching for an image that I loved and respected. For the artist in me, individually and style is really important - just like my massage.

I specifically chose this image of Buddha. I totally fell in love with it. The colour, texture, calmness and serenity. The individuality. I felt a genuine connection towards it. It was everything I love as an artist myself and what I wanted Nua to be.


When I was researching the rights to use it, I discovered an amazing back story that really touched me. It was produced by an American artist called Dale Phelps who created wood block prints. On further research, I discovered that Dale created a series of images that helped him meditate as he went through prostate cancer, from 1993 to 2009. I emailed his wife and she gave me permission to use his image for Nua Massage. She said it was the kind of treatments and mindfulness that Dale believed in and would be glad to support me.


I am very grateful to her and hope that through Nua, more awareness can be made of his work and people ‘get’ what it was that inspired him and inspires Nua. 


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