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Congratulations! Your going through an amazing time in your life. Support it and your experience with massage.  


Help relieve pain in a holistic and wholesome way - using Lymphatic Drainage and Oil Massage - that will support you and your baby.

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Emotionally amazing - physically demanding... Follow the physical and hormonal changes towards child birth with relaxing relief from back, neck and other pains - unique to your pregnancy experiance...  


The hormonal cocktail of change that goes on in your body is like a good night out - amazing and fantastic, your at your healtiest, producing 50% more blood - but with the hangovers that sometimes go with it...

Posture, back pain, neck pain, or swollen ankles. Some may cause you discomfort, some may mean nothing to you - it all depends on your individual journey. 


Please do NOT book a masssage during your first trimester (1 - 12 weeks). Please wait until

after your first scan (12 - 13th week), then you can can have the joy of massage up until your time of deliverary. Provding you have no contraindications such as: Abdominal pain; Contagious illness; Diarrhoea; Diabetic; fever; Heavy vaginal discharge; High blood pressure; Malignant conditions, Unusual pain or Vomiting. 


If you are in doubt, contact your GP and obtain a concent form for massage.


After giving birth, recover with massage. Keep your system flowing (Thai Herbs are fantastic), aid weight loss and eases the stress mothers often feel after the birth, as well as keeping ahead of those "new muscles & pain" that seem to arise from lifting and carrying your new loved one.

Pregnancy  Massage can help:
  • Lower & Middle back pain

  • Calf cramps

  • It can reduce sciatica

  • Reduce shoulder and neck pain

  • Improve Lymphatic Flow - reduce and clear swelling.

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Increase blood circulation - enabling capillaries to deliver nutrients more efficiently to the skins surface as well as the baby.

  • Reduces swelling in hands, feet and ankles

  • Promote relaxation and deep breathing.

  • Take weight off the back and legs

  • Stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers, into the brain and nervous system.

  • Also eases the stress mothers often feel AFTER the birth, promoting healing for the Mother

  • It can help relieve anxiety or depression

  • Leading to decrease in  insomnia

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