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Natural Wax Botanical Candles.


Minimalist round ceramic design pots, double wood wick, full of soybean wax, in a  lovely iron holder - that can be reused - they make great minimalistic plant holders. Totally re-nua!


The wooden wick creates the candle crackling while burning it's beautiful botanical fragrances and natural soy. It really is a beautiful candle that will stand out in any room or offices. They are aldo packaged nicely in a presentation box they make a lovely gift.



Botanical Wooden Wick Soy Candles

  • Materials: Ceramic, Soywax, Rosewood

    Large: Size: Diameter 8cm, Height 7.5cm, Weight 430g

    Large Burning Time 30: hours

    Medium Size: diameter 8cm , Height 6cm , Weight 320g

    Medium Burning Time: 27 hours

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