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Incense ropes are made by hand in a process that involves bundling the ingredients in a special hand prepared rice paper, then rolling and twisting it into a small rope-like braided form. The rope should be burnt in a marble or metal dish,  or on an ash bed, a special incense burner.


This rope type of incense can produce a substantial amount of smoke, and it can quickly overpower a small room so you don't need to use much... 


Time of burning one rope is approx 15min.

Pure Herbs Rope Incense

  • Extracted from the wood of Cedar tree found in Himalayan Regions of Nepal and known locally as Dhup. This Himalayan Cedar is basically being used for incense in homes, stupas and temples.

    This type of Dhup is typical in the Newar community and almost each and every Newar homes are using it. This Himalayan Cedar is handmade and it is also called Newa Dhup in the Newari Culture.

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